Weight Management, Active Lifestyle, Personal Training

Fitness training can seem like a very overwhelming process with all of the information available to us; low fat, low carb, high protein, high intensity, low intensity, etc. The process can become quite confusing very quickly. The PEAK Center has ensured to develop all of its programming with the purpose of helping you reach your fitness and training goals without all of the confusion.

You will reach you fitness goals more quickly if you are provided with the proper information.

Exercise is an individual process, and each individual who participates in any program should expect that their specific needs are taken into consideration. From fitness testing, program design, consultations, to follow-up, each phase of the PEAK Center training process has been individualized to ensure that you get the information you require and the results you deserve.

Choose the program that best suits you:

The PEAK Center Weight Management Program is a comprehensive program specifically designed for individuals looking to reduce body fat, improve cardiovascular fitness and strength, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, and increase bone density.

The PEAK Center Active Lifestyle Program is meant to provide individuals with the strength, aerobic, flexibility, balance, agility, and nutritional requirements they need for active sport/activity participation. As with all PEAK Center programming the Active Lifestyle Program provides clients with individual information that can be utilized to improve overall health and fitness.