Sport-Specific Programs

The PEAK Center's successful fitness and performance enhancement services stems from our leading ability to integrate your individual testing information into your training regimen. Each sport and activity has a series of measurable fitness and performance attributes required for success. Through years of working with North Americas best athletes, the PEAK Center has developed a series of sport specific testing and training models guaranteed to take your performance to the next level. Regardless of your sport, we have a customizable solution for you.

Why does the system work?

By completing sport specific fitness testing and using these measurable variables, we can continually develop training solutions based on a 'snapshot' of your current fitness. That ensures that you aren't training too seldom or light or too often or hard. So if you are just starting out or are an experienced athlete, you can always optimize your training time.

Our belief: Achieve results by following measurable steps.

Our sport specific programs are organized according to type and discipline. This ensures that you receive specific information regarding your sport/activity.

  • Endurance Sports
  • Ice Sports
  • Field Sports
  • Court Sports

Do not leave your next performance up to chance. Prepare utilizing the PEAK Center.